May 28, 2018

We often get asked Wallpaper vs Wall Murals? What's the difference? Which one is best for my feature wall?

Murals vs Wallpaper - Top 5 reasons 

  1. Wallpaper uses mass produced patterns in large quantities
  2. Wallpaper has so many constraints regarding repeat pattern. We love oversized images with no repeat; this is why our “Back to the Wall” interior murals are so unique and dynamic. A wall mural is one big image that is sectioned into panels
  3. With wallpaper, the rolls usually come in set widths and lengths. With our murals you order the exact size and you don't pay for leftover wallpaper
  4. You get unique custom wall mural prints, instead of everyday wallpaper prints that you can get almost anywhere. You can even design your own
  5. There are no size constraints with a custom wall mural


Wallpaper vs Wall Mural

Wallpaper vs Wall Mural

Below is a comparison showing a customer's existing repeating wallpaper (see foreground)  and a wall mural by Back to the Wall (see background)

Wallpaper vs Wall Murals

View a wall transformation 

Take a plain wall behind a couch and add some colour and interest with a wall mural. Watch this quick video which shows a plain white wall transforming into a great point of interest with a stunning mural wallpaper.
Watch this short 20 second video 

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Any queries or ideas you may have for your mural project we would love to chat with you, so don't hesitate to give us a call.

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Our Materials

We are using advanced, eco-friendly digital latex printing technology and use non-PVC material while printing your mural wallpapers. Besides your mural having amazing vivid colours, high-definition detail, ultra smooth finish, it ensures that your wallpaper is non-toxic, flame resistant, easy to install or remove and lasts for years!



Customers are requiring compliance with legal regulations including documented proof that environmental standards are met so it’s important to our business and brand that we are supplying this for our customers.

The water-based Latex Inks we use offer a healthier solution from the studio to the customer’s wall and the recycling of consumables.  Our Inks meet a range of stringent human health criteria represented by UL ECOLOGO® and GREENGUARD GOLD Certifications.5 ,6. In addition, our murals use Latex Inks on PVC-free Wall Paper and meet AgBB criteria for health-related evaluation of VOC emissions of indoor building products.7 These prints are rated A+ (very low-emission)

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Relda +64 21 666 290 | Email: 
Jo +64 27 611 6144  | Email: