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We often get asked how to measure a wall for a mural wallpaper.
We've put together this easy infographic to show you how you would get the right dimensions for your wall mural.

Our top 10 step by step tips - How to measure your wall

  1. Draw a map on paper and plot your measurements
  2. Height Measurement - measure both sides to determine the tallest measurement.
  3. Width Measurement - to get the exact width measurement, measure directly across. If your wall includes a window or a door, still give us the exact width across
  4. When measuring your wall give us the exact measurements of you wall and we will add 30mm to each edge to ensure your mural will cover in case your wall isn’t quite plumb. This extra bleed will be trimmed off.
  5. In the comments section of your order you can add the width and height of your furniture so we can ensure your wall mural looks great with your furniture and anything else on your wall
  6. In the comments section you can add the width measurement of where furniture sits on the wall
  7. In the comments section you can add the width and height of windows and doors
  8. Do not include the baseboard or skirting in the measurement
  9. Do not include the crown moulding in the measurement
  10. Don't forget to measure everything at twice!
You'll then have accurate height and width dimensions for your wall mural PLUS additional info that will assist us in getting you the best results.

Additional Tips

We require your dimensions in millimetres - eg: 4000mm (w) x 3000mm (h) and not inches, feet or metres. If you need to convert measurements, use this easy Google Conversion Tool


Easy to follow infographics

How to measure your wall for a mural wallpaper


How to measure your wall for a mural wallpaper


Need more help?

If you're unsure of your measurements or have any questions, we here to help!

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