July 30, 2018 1 min read

Pinterest is such a cool platform. We love to pin all our favourite inspirations, whether that be mural wall papers, wall murals, wall art, wall colour, floral art or the most beautiful interiors, room inspirations and more.

We have pinned links to many of our beautiful mural wallpaper designs to Pinterest boards and also pinned posts of many favourite image inspirations from around the world.

We get over 300,000 views per month on our Pinterest pins. Feel free to go see what all the buzz is about. View our boards. Feel free to like, love and share our pins. Oh and happy pinning!

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You can view all the murals by room inspiration. Whether that be murals for living room or lounge, bedroom, dining room or kitchen, bathroom,
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We also have inspirations for retail and commercial spaces, restaurants and bars, childcare, medical waiting rooms and much more.