March 30, 2023 2 min read

It's where we start and end our day and so it makes sense that the room we spend 1/3 of our lives in should have some consideration when it comes to interior decor.  We have collated a few ideas for you featuring some of our new designs and some our most popular. 


Early Bird Mural Wallpaper  

Our new "Early Birds" mural is a beautiful watercolour design with birds flitting amongst the Ivy, set against a textured background with playful sketchy overlay. If you're moving into those cooler months and want to create a cosy retreat then this design would be perfect.



Opera Mural Wallpaper

This is a classical yet contemporary design. It's a bold black and white scene of the stunningly detailed and grand Hall of Chandeliers.  Our Opera mural is equal parts stylish and elegant with a touch of masculinity. Think New York apartment meets Paris Hotel Luxury.



  Honey for the Bees Mural Wallpaper         

"Honey for the Bees" is our very latest design.  If you're wanting to recreate that hand painted luxurious aesthetic then this nostalgic print will bring that nostalgic romance to any room. If you thinking of renovating or updating your guest bedroom or young girls room then this mural would be divine! Love it but not a fan of blue? Talk to us we can adjust the background to suit.



Steel Magnolias Wallpaper Mural 

Featuring various species of magnolia against a mid-centry style trellis design. Like the flower this design is strong and elegant, shy and showy and would suit a bedroom in a modern or vintage style. 


Tropic Mural Wallpaper

Introducing "Tropic" with it's beachy boho style. This design can be as bright or as muted as you like.  Remember if you see one of our designs but want the colour or layout adjusted then we'd be happy to do that for you. 

 If you're looking to elevate your bedroom space to reflect your personality and style then we'd love to help you choose the perfect bedroom backdrop.