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As our collection continues to grow we often hear from our customers that they are all so beautiful where do I start and how do I choose!? The purpose of this blog is to hopefully help you with some of the questions and assure you that with our extensive collection and ability to customise that I'm sure we can work with you to achieve the perfect design.

Where to start ?

  • 1- Firstly think about what it is you love and what you gravitate towards.  There are a lot of things to take into consideration but essentially we want you to choose the design that you connect with.  Are you drawn to the dramatic dark moody florals and maximalist  designs. Maybe your prefer the dreamy serenity of the coastal or nostalgic style murals. 



  • 2- Does the design have to sit within a whole scheme? Are you starting a new build with a  blank canvas or is it the finishing touch to a room with existing furniture and style?  If your are struggling with how to start then a mural is a really great place to start.  You can draw inspiration from the mural for the style, colour and mood of the room. In the example below the customer wanted to add personality to an existing room. 
In this room Palm Bleached was the perfect choice. It's light and Breezy and works well with the simple textural style of the room.  This design can be lightened and the colour adjusted to suit your space.
Here the boho style shows it's versatility working well with many designs.  The bedheads relaxed creative style looks equally cool with bold florals as it does with the gorgeous texture and colour pop of tile grunge.


  • 3- Colour is so important when pulling a room together. Think about the tone of the room. Is it warm with cream based whites or have you chosen a cool grey for the paintwork. Because your mural is printed to order these are all things that can be adjusted when getting your mural right for you.  See below where we demonstrate how the  colour and tone of the mural can be adjusted to suit the scheme. 
warm white colour scheme.
Here we have adjusted the background tone to tie in with the greens in the bedspread and soft furnishing and we have also increased the warm tones in the highlights of chandelier lights.


Cool white colour scheme
This room features the original chandelier palace which has a cooler palette



  • 4- does the design work with your furniture or windows in the space? Often there may be a dynamic feature of the design which we don't want obscured by a bed or a window.   Although this isn't always the case many of our designs can be adjusted to work around windows, doors furniture etc.

Our faded glory design is a great example of how we can make sure the design suits your particular wall.

Often designs can be extended or repeated if you have a long wall or want the design to wrap around a whole room.

Here the lotus design has been extended to allow for a longer wall and doorway.

Moonlighting has been added to and extended to wrap around 3 walls.


We hope this helps with your decision when choosing a mural and don't forget we're here to help with any of those decisions.  Just like choosing paint or furniture there are a few things to consider but when your mural is installed we're sure you will be amazed at what an impact it can make.


We love talking about walls

Any queries or ideas you may have for your mural project we would love to chat with you, so don't hesitate to give us a call.

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