August 30, 2018

We love finding like-minded business who love and support what we do. We teamed up with Wescover a place where you can "find exceptional art and design and the stories behind each piece".

Wescover connects the people, places and stories behind design objects and they profile creators, designers, artists, just like us.

We have a profile on Wescover.
Please, check it out and browse around. You might just discover many more amazing artists and creators of incredible work that will compliment your life, home or favourite spaces.

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Creativity is actually everywhere. Whether it’s a custom made wall hanging in a local cafe or beautiful blue velvet couch at your favorite hotel, it’s amazing how many unique elements of art and design we pass by everyday. However, when these things catch our eye, we’re left wondering: “Who made it?” “What’s the story?” and “Where can I find more?”

Wescover connects the people, places, and stories behind design objects that impact our everyday lives. Here, each item has context like you’d find in a gallery—from who the original Creator is, to what the story was behind it, to where you can see their work in the real world.



Uncover Extraordinary Things In Familiar Spaces

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Our Materials

We are using advanced, eco-friendly digital latex printing technology and use non-PVC material while printing your mural wallpapers. Besides your mural having amazing vivid colours, high-definition detail, ultra smooth finish, it ensures that your wallpaper is non-toxic, flame resistant, easy to install or remove and lasts for years!



Customers are requiring compliance with legal regulations including documented proof that environmental standards are met so it’s important to our business and brand that we are supplying this for our customers.

The water-based Latex Inks we use offer a healthier solution from the studio to the customer’s wall and the recycling of consumables.  Our Inks meet a range of stringent human health criteria represented by UL ECOLOGO® and GREENGUARD GOLD Certifications.5 ,6. In addition, our murals use Latex Inks on PVC-free Wall Paper and meet AgBB criteria for health-related evaluation of VOC emissions of indoor building products.7 These prints are rated A+ (very low-emission)

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